Backwards Compatibility Wins E3


By Tom Farmer

A few months back, the biggest annual event for gamers and nerds alike took place in Los Angeles when E3 popped into town. Every year, there is a bunch of hype surrounding the event because of all the new features that gaming consoles can perform and the newest consoles and games are teased or even shown during separate showings from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and so on. They even have celebrities, game developers and stars from movies that are based off of comics, cartoons or sci-fi stories.

These companies that have their demonstrations of the new content coming out are part of a fan declared “Console War” and the big question that is always asked at the end of the event is “Who won E3?” You will have the “fanboys” who have stuck with one system for a while and refuse to believe that the other systems can even compete with theirs. Personally, I am an Xbox fan but I would not mind having a PS4 or even a PS3. There is no discrimination from me when it comes to video games and I firmly believe that you should play what catches your interests. That being said, I’m trying not to come off as biased, but I believe that Microsoft, the makers of the Xbox, won E3.

Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will feature something that the newest generation of consoles has been lacking: Backwards compatibility. This ultimately means that games that you have played on the last generation console made by Microsoft (Xbox 360) will be able to be played on the Xbox one. Over 100 titles have been released that say that they will be available for the new transition and will be ready to be played as soon as December. This is huge for gaming. Many people felt that its unfair that we buy so many games and then when a new console comes out, we have to purchase more games but cant play the older ones that we fell in love with on the last generation. This also means that owners of the 360 no longer have a need to keep theirs while it may be sitting on a shelf collecting dust. This is a huge move by the company and Sony and Nintendo need to come up with something big next year to top this news.


Author: slayer1223

Clevelander born to love bad sports teams, play heavy metal, eat greasy food and always beat the game on the hardest difficulty first

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