Mike Pettine for 2016

At the beginning of the 2015 NFL season, I believe that most Cleveland Browns stood behind head coach Mike Pettine. Although the Browns lost 5 games in a foe at the end of the 2014 season, Pettine had the team at a very solid 7-4 record which you could make an argument that it was the best start to a season for Cleveland since 2007 when the were 10-6 but missed the playoffs by one game.

This year hasn’t gone according to plan. The team is 3-10 and just had its first win in almost 2 months last Sunday against the struggling 49ers. But how much can you put this losing season on the coach? A fair amount, but I believe that everything that Mike has done this year to make us think that he may be fired at the end of the season can be fixed

That’s right. I nominate coach Mike Pettine for the Cleveland Browns head coach of 2016. His clock management and substitutions have been bad at best, but I feel as though these are growing pains for a second year head coach. A sophomore slump, if you will. The talent that was put together thanks to General Manager Ray Farmer is where I put most of the blame this season. He acquired veterans for the game that are past their prime and the drafting so far has been suspect.

Number 8 overall pick in the 2014 draft Justin Gilbert has been a ghost. You never see him on the field due to either off the field problems, injuries or just bad overall play. I don’t think that Bill Belichick could work his magic on this kid. Johnny Manziel has the same issues but is trying to prove himself to the team that he is the franchise QB we’ve been looking for since ’99.

Danny Shelton and Cam Erving are both still adjusting to the pro game and don’t have much to show on the highlight reel. Other picks haven’t been so rough (Duke Johnson, Nate Orchard) but I can’t say that Farmer exactly knows what he’s doing when scouting talent and I’m a little embarrassed that we share the same last name.

To summarize: Coah Pettine, you have my vote for coach of the Cleveland Browns for 2016 because our GM will show that he can’t deliver the players that you need. Good luck, coach. You’ll need it.




Author: slayer1223

Clevelander born to love bad sports teams, play heavy metal, eat greasy food and always beat the game on the hardest difficulty first

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