Born and raised in Ohio, Tom Farmer is the perfect definition of a Clevelander.

Growing up on the east side of Cleveland, Tom learned to love his hometown sports teams at a very young age. Going to Cleveland Indians games with his parents and developed a passion for the game of baseball. He started playing the game at the age of 5 and played until he developed a love for basketball. Playing for his local recreational center, he played rec ball for 6 years and was never really the best player on the court but never halted his love for the game. His freshman year in high school, he tried out for the Berea High School Braves but didn’t make the final cut. Although he didn’t reach his young goal of playing all the sports he loved for a school or city, he never lost interest in any of the games. Always at a home game for any of the local teams, he is looking to further his knowledge of every aspect of the NFL, MLB, NBA, AFL, NHL, ect. Dedicated to making his life about sports, he decided at the age of 26 to jump into the wild world of Broadcasting. Dedicated to be the best he possibly can in his field, he will not stop until he reaches the goal to have everyone in his hometown know his name and know that he is the very definition of Cleveland sports fan and to be known as the voice of Cleveland sports. Recently, he has become the beat writer for and covers the Cleveland Gladiators of the Arena Football League.